10 Pivotal Books on Feminism: Critical Linking, August 3, 2017

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It has now been several months since the historical women’s marches circumnavigated the globe in solidarity that women’s rights are human rights and that all issues are women’s issues.  I have been traveling abroad since October and have turned to books to find a unifying dialogue and community. In my reading, I have discovered a surge in authentic voices of women telling their stories and paving the way for the next generation of feminists—male and female—to feel emboldened and accepted. I believe in the power of women’s words and stories to change the direction of our domestic and global thinking. I invite you to dive into these pivotal books.

Interesting list of feminist books!

The City & The City, the multi award-winning novel by China Miéville, is being adapted into a four-part drama series for BBC Two. The book has been adapted for screen by Tony Grisoni of Mammoth Pictures (Poldark) and will star David Morrissey (The Missing, The Walking Dead) as Inspector Tyador Borlú.

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Well that will be a weird show.


A YA book about politics from Bernie Sanders. K.