11 Bookish Items for Your Baby Registry

Hands down, the best part of creating a baby registry is the opportunity to indoctrinate your offspring with your passion for books. That, and diaper rash cream, which really can be used for anything. There’s nothing cuter than a brand-new, tiny human professing an early love of literature, and a clever, book-inspired onesie actually does make the sleep-deprivation more manageable. Here are some essential bookish items for your baby registry for creating the next generation of bibliophiles.

  1. So My Story Begins Onesie: The perfect gift for a future writer.so my story begins onesie
  2. Harry Potter Mobile: Keep the littlest muggle entertained with this wizard-themed crib mobile.Harry Potter baby mobile
  3. Semicolon Swaddle Blanket: Because it’s never too early to introduce punctuation to your children.         baby swaddle semicolon
  4. Future Book Nerd Onesie: We can only hope.future book nerd onesie
  5. Literary Bibs: If you’re not already drooling over these bookish bibs, guaranteed your baby will.                 literary baby bibs
  6. Harry Potter Onesie: For the most magical of pint-size mischief-makers.                                                                                                I solemnly swear I am up to no good onesie
  7. Jane Austen Travel Quote Pacifier: Seeking adventure: Near and far.                                                           jane austen travel pacifier
  8. Velveteen Rabbit Storybook Blanket: Perfect for baby snuggles and happy endings.velveteen rabbit storybook baby blanket
  9. Plot Twist Onesie: Surprise! plot twist onesie
  10. Protagonist BibAlways helpful to identify the principal character in a new story.                                                             protagonist bib
  11. Where The Wild Things Are Night LightLet the wild rumpus start!                                                       where the wild thing are night light


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Bonus: If you happen to make it to Denver, definitely drop by Fiction Beer Company, an excellent family-friendly book-themed brewery. While you’re there, check out the merchandise- their Fiction Beer Company onesie (below) was one of my favorite unexpected baby shower gifts!

What are your recommendations for bookish items for your baby registry?


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