11 Harry Potter Enamel Pins Worth Shelling Out Some Sickles For

I have been valiantly fighting against the urge to spend all my money on enamel pins. As they’ve grown in popularity, I’ve been shielding my eyes from all of the amazing pins that have been popping up. When I was on vacation last week, though, I spotted an adorable assortment of diverse mermaid enamel pins, and, well, it couldn’t hurt to get one as a souvenir, right? Now I can see myself falling into the enamel pin spiral, and these Harry Potter ones are not helping.

Hedwig 1.5″ Pin, $10 USD

Mischief Managed Enamel Pin, $6 USD

The Order of the Phoenix Enamel Pin, $9.45 USD

Category ID: 914

Luna Lovegood’s Spectraspecs Enamel Pin, $9.93 USD

Ollivander’s Lapel Pin, $12.95+ USD (Or check out their other magical places pins!)

PRESALE Molly Weasley and Family Knitted Clock Soft Enamel Pin, $11.95 USD

Niffler Enamel Pin, $10.80 USD

Howler Enamel Pin, $8 USD

Felix Felicis Potion Enamel Pin, $10 USD

Dementor Enamel Pin, $9.45 USD

Espress Patronum Lapel Pin, $11.95 USD

Those are some of my favorites that I’ve stumbled on, but let me know if I’ve missed any of your favorites!

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