Critical Linking: October 4, 2011

Our morning round-up of interesting links. Tastes great with coffee.

Summarizing the merits of all 110 Nobel Laureates for literature, in three lines or less. (via BookFox)

10 Best-Selling Books That Were Originally Rejected. (Though really, this is way more common than the converse)

Clip-fest of Hemingway, Rand, Pynchon and other famous authors as they have appeared on primetime animated shows. (The Rand is a gem).

He’s turned out to be genuinely talented. Seems like a nice guy. Set for life on the money front. Will do well with women/men in his age bracket until the day he dies. And now it turns out that he is a smart, inquisitive reader. I’m really starting to hate Daniel Radcliffe.

No one talks about a Nobel for Ray Bradbury. They really, really should.

What links have you been reading? Tell us in the comments.