Critical Linking: October 12, 2011

Our daily round-up of bookish links. Tastes great with coffee.


“This was a story he would have told: the actions that would make you happy depend on moral choices that are intensely hard to carry out or even to make. I felt my grief on his terms, which turned to grief about the terms he’d set.”

You don’t read engrossing accounts of a class like this everyday. Though, to be fair, not every class is taught

by a contemporary genius on the verge of suicide.


“Little by little death takes its toll. It knows its job.”

I wouldn’t expect sunshine and ponies if I were pen-pals with Chekhov, but yikes.


“At this point, most of us know someone — anecdotally or personally — who has gone down the Twilight rabbit hole, spending hours online hunting for prized nuggets of news and information about Edward and Bella…”

I don’t think I want any part of nuggets found in a rabbit hole.


How’s the internet out there today?