Critical Linking: March 23, 2012


“Remove certain types of erotic ebooks (featuring underage characters, incest, bestiality, and rape), or face deactivation of their PayPal account.”

Close call. If this had actually happened, how would we buy Greek Mythology?


“But I actually took the time to read through it, as best as my non-lawyer self could.”

I do worry about self-published authors on Amazon dealing with the legal stuff. Amazon has lawyers like whoa.


“Don’t just say you’re great—actually try to be great.”

But but but but…..this is America!


“Most important, this mythic beast, the literary establishment, consists of people lamenting not only the bias, misjudgments and stupidity of other people who are part of it but – as we have seen – its very existence.”

If the literary establishment didn’t exist, we would have to invent it.