Critical Linking: The Most Read Stories, July 2-7, 2012

Here are the most read stories from the last week in Critical Linking…

At least this means, so Penguin promises, that the best Brazilian authors might find an easier passage into the English-speaking world. And in August, Penguin Classics has two works scheduled to mark the centenary of the birth of Jorge Amado: the greatest fictional chronicler of modern Brazil. Whichever way the money runs, the import-export trade in imagination can enrich us all.

These BRICS aren’t Legos: How emerging nations may change the publishing industry for the better.


Barnes & Noble, which accounts for 25% to 30% of the e-book market through its Nook e-reader, has recently started studying customers’ digital reading behavior. Data collected from Nooks reveals, for example, how far readers get in particular books, how quickly they read and how readers of particular genres engage with books. Jim Hilt, the company’s vice president of e-books, says the company is starting to share their insights with publishers to help them create books that better hold people’s attention.

In related news, we’ve heard that the Big Six publishers will soon collaborate on the ultimate e-book:Fifty Shades of Da Vinci’s Weight-Loss Plan for Financial Success by Snooki Kardashian.\


Writers live not when professors produce monographs and hold conferences on them (as valuable as many of these are) or when they have the official approval of reviewers (of either the column-writing or the star-clicking variety). A writer’s work is alive when it finds a receptive home in — Durrell’s phrase in a poem about Seferis — the “lost property office of the loving mind.

Lawrence Durrell, one of the last great literary polymaths.


Abbott Awaits also provided my own marriage with the now oft-used phrase ‘Hogging the Bad Mood,’ which is the situation where one spouse refuses to give up being grumpy, despite the fact that in a successful marriage only one spouse can enjoy being in a foul temper at any given time.

Even smart people’s beach reads allow for the occasional pop–goes-the-culture moments.