#DailyBookPic: Did Not Finish (DNF)

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“I need to be in the right mood for Steinbeck.” – Janet Berkman (@jannie_b)

“a few books I gave up on. Willing to start Life of Pi again, though.” -Rosie Gutmann (@rkgutmann)

“Sadly, not even 1001 nights was enough to finish – for me anyway.” – Cassy Ccb

“My did-not-finish-because-I-got-distracted-by-other-probably-shorter-less-dense-books shelf” – melissarochelle

“2 yrs later the bookmark mocks me #150pgsToGo #AreYouKiddingMe” – Sterling Marchand (@Infinite_Jests)

“Joyce, I love ya but this was rough.” – Melissa (@feministtexican)