Critical Linking: September 10, 2012

The myth networks were found to have some of the characteristics, including the small-world property and structural balance (related to the idea that the enemy of my enemy is my friend), typical of real-world networks.

Did someone from The Onion slip something into The New York Times? Is this what digital humanities means? How many questions do I have to ask rhetorically before this article disintegrates into nothingness, as it deserves?


We had it on our E-Ink devices, but haven’t had it on the Kindle Fire. For those, it’s very good, no one really buys the non-special-offers version. Everyone buys the special-offers version. There aren’t two versions of this (pointing to the new 7-inch Kindle Fire HD). That was a decision we made because no one is willing to buy the non-special-offers version.

Hmmmmm. This would be easier to swallow if Amazon ever actually released sales numbers. Otherwise, we just have to take his word that we all want ads on our Kindles.


Buying reviews isn’t wrong. Using sock puppets isn’t wrong. Leaving fake one star reviews isn’t wrong.

I’m glad Konrath said this. It was the sign I was looking for to abandon ever paying attention to him ever again.


Gifts should be returned with a polite explanation; perishable gifts may instead be given to charity, also with a note to the donor.

Apparently, Zadie Smith should have given Jay-Z’s fish sandwich to charity. (These are the sentences that appear in my fever dreams.)