Our Favorite Comments: November 2012

We love our readers, and we love what they have to say just as much. Here are some of our favorite comments from the month that was.

“Zaphod Beeblebrox, just cause he’s on par with all the current candidates and couldn’t do any worse.”

by Hasty on Top 10 Literary Characters We’d Vote For


“I feel like this is my study guide for the GRE Vocab section :)”

by Love at First Book on Say Anything, or Just Say Your Favorites: Favorite Words 


“Well, first of all, there are books and there are books. 15 pages a day in a Stephen King book doesn’t equal 15 pages a day of Proust. So a page count alone doesn’t cover it…”

by Sam on How Many Pages Do You Read a Day?


“Reading is reading. The times may change, and the technology we use to enable the pursuit of reading may evolve, but the activity and joy of reading has remained fairly constant through the centuries.”

by Devin on “E-Reading Isn’t Reading”: A GIF Response


“I had the same reaction for Mark Twain and Willa Cather… I assumed they didn’t pick Huck Finn because of the “controversy” issues around it? I wish they had gone that route, though, or maybe his short stories? That would have been fun. I definitely don’t understand Willa Cather – do you really want to give a reluctant reader a book where nothing happens?”

by thefranklynn on World Book Night America Selections: A Discussion


“3. “Finding out the proper pronunciation of something in a book when you’ve just been making up your own.”  It was a marvellous moment when ‘Herm-ee-own’ finally became ‘Her-my-on-ee’.” 

by Ellie on One Reader’s Giving of Thanks


And now, for something a little different: our favorite exchange between TWO commenters:

Katie at Words for Worms: “It must be wonderful to be absolutely right about everything all the time. I’m glad I’ve got people like Joe to set me straight. I’ve been told I’m woefully ignorant.”

Lilian Cheng: “Let’s weep in our tasteless, lowly existence together.”

Katie at Word for Worms: “We shall weep into our wine. Which is likely also tasteless and lowly. Boone’s Farm for the likes of us!”

on Libraries, Bookstores, and Book Clubs are Stupid: A GIF Response to Joe Queenan