Critical Linking: March 9, 2013

It’s Field of Dreams for the digital age: if you display it, they will post. And tweet. And pin.

Don’t tell customers they can’t take photos. Make the photos work for you.


 “We jacket designers are charged both with selling the book and representing it….Sometimes, those mandates work at cross purposes.”

The result is headless girls and 50 Shades rip-offs.


“What better value to give an Amazon customer than to say, ‘Buy your book here and then later you can resell it’? You can’t do that with Barnes & Noble’s Nook.”

How exactly can we resell books that we don’t really own?


How we respond to Holocaust literature, I realize now, depends a lot on the times in which we read it. My son’s connection to World War II in 2010 was very different from mine in 1975 or my parents’ in the 1950s. Jesse’s Anne Frank is not my Anne Frank, and my Anne Frank is not my parents’.

Some day, people will no longer have emotional responses to literature about 9/11 or the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan. And that’s a damn shame.