Ender’s Game Trailer: A GIF Reaction

So, I’ve been waiting eleven years to see an Ender’s Game movie. This was before I was knew how to snoop on the internet for all the movie rumors, so I didn’t read any hints of a movie until about six years ago.

Then another long break until last year, when they actually cast Ender. That’s when I knew it was real. And I’ve been waiting for a trailer since I read the article about Asa Butterfield becoming Ender Wiggin.


The following gifs accurately reflect what happened while watching the trailer for Ender’s Game.

When the BOOM music starts, and the voice over comes in:

Seeing Harrison Ford as Graff for the first time:

The “new kind of soldiers”:

Battle School:


Even though it’s weird to see him so much older than in the book:


Then generic sci-fi-ish second half of the trailer:

Okay, the “NOW!”:

So the trailer was over, and then a thing happened. I tweeted out my excitement (as these are things you can do on Twitter), and a friend responded by sending me a link.

He sent me here: SkipEndersGame.com. Turns out, the author of the original novel, Orson Scott Card, is pretty heavily into the anti-gay marriage movement. This is troubling for me, as I am very much anti-anti-gay marriage (that is to say, heavily in favor of gay marriage existing).

So now, I’m kind of like:

It was an eventful and emotional afternoon.

But what do YOU think? Check out the trailer and let us know!


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