Critical Linking: July 18th, 2013



Dear Mr. Watterson is a documentary film about the greatest comic strip in the history of the universe: Calvin & Hobbes. IN THEATERS November 15th.

You know you will watch this. Everybody loves Calvin & Hobbes.


Ebook revenues for trade publishing grew 5% in the first quarter of 2013 to $393.6 million as measured across the adult fiction/non-fiction, children’s and young adult and religious segments. Meanwhile, total trade sales were down about 5% to $1.47 billion in the first quarter, meaning that ebooks now account for nearly 27% of all trade sales — up from 24% in the first quarter of last year, despite the slowdown in ebook growth.

Ebook revenue isn’t growing as fast as it was, in terms of percentage, but at least it’s growing. Unlike, well, you know.


A young man from Nanjing, China, has been arrested after stealing more than 800 social science textbooks, history compendiums and poetry books from a book shop in the town. When questioned by police, the young man maintained that he was searching for ‘the meaning of life’ within the books’ pages.

Too bad he didn’t think of a library first.


Registered customers wrote over 325,000 reviews in the study period. But for 16,000 of those reviews, there is no evidence that the customer bought the item. These reviews are on balance much more negative.

So about 5% of online reviews were written by people who don’t really have any way to review it.



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