Critical Linking: September 7, 2013

So you’re asking me to give up the only time I get to write in order to work in a bookstore. Well, I guess I’ll consider it. How much does this gig pay?

I kinda think he’s missing the point.


Writers can better share their creative vision by including background music that evokes a specific emotion or ambient audio that brings a scene to life, selecting clips from a database of more than 20,000 audio files. Imagine hearing a swelling symphony as warriors clash in a story or the sounds of a bustling marketplace as you read a Bangkok travel blog.

What’s wrong with the soundtrack in my head?


Even with 35 branches, more than 60 percent of SDPL’s collection has been warehoused in basement storing owing to lack of space. With the new building, the collection size will increase from 780,000 to 1.26 million items, seats will triple to 1,200, and the size of children and teen areas will expand threefold.

Who says that libraries are doomed to extinction?


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