Critical Linking: January 19, 2014

Medieval scholar Elaine Treharne, an English professor at Stanford University, recently finished narrating the classic work “Beowulf” in its entirety in only 100 tweets. Treharne said she relied on multiple translations of the manuscript as well as its original Old English version in order to compress the dense epic poem into an even more compact form.

Twitter: a place to do cool stuff with literature.


But if you look into his papers, you’ll find that he also had an intriguing way with pen and ink outside the realm of letters — or, if you like, deep inside the realm of letters, since to see drawings by Dostoevsky, you actually have to look within the manuscripts of his novels. 

Dostoevsky’s doodles are not happy doodles.


Dan Brown‘s Inferno was the bestselling book of 2013, according to USA Today‘s Bestsellers list which tracked book sales in the US from Dec. 31, 2012-Dec. 29, 2013.

In news that shocks no one.


Transgender actress Laverne Cox, best known for her role as Sophia on the Netflix show “Orange Is the New Black,” has announced plans to publish a memoir. Harlequin, the Toronto-based publisher of romance fiction, will release the book in 2015.

I will read that so hard.



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