Critical Linking: January 21st, 2014


She spent hours upon hours during her 70 years there, reading about faraway lands, visions of the future and dramas about life and love.

As a gift to the institution that gave her so much joy, the former school teacher left $2.5 million to the Council Bluffs Public Library.



The research revealed that only 10 percent of traditionally published authors made more than $20,000 a year.

Maybe that novel in your drawer….should stay in the drawer. 


When books are seen through the lens of test prep, they lose value. Texts are turned into word searches, where students’ singular goal is to find the correct answer. If reading is treated merely as a way to extract the necessary information — rather then as an activity worthy in and of itself — our literary culture will be greatly diminished.

I’m not a huge fan of standardized “literature” tests, but I do wonder how many book lovers school produces. That is, if reading novels and poetry and plays were taken out of K-12 entirely, how big of a difference in literary culture would it make? Impossible to know, fascinating to wonder about.


In the UK, there is usually a fierce price war going on between Amazon and some new entrant; currently it is Sainsburys, previously it was Sony and Nook. But there is usually someone trying to buy market share by discounting the price. Previously we had the 20p offer from Sony, now 99p seems more common.

Strikingly different ebook markets in the US and the UK.



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