Book Fetish: Volume 101

Check it: Book Fetish is now going numeral, without the Roman.

Here’s a look at some of the greatest bookish stuff out there — looking because some of these items are probably a little out of the average budget. (But maybe not? You get to make that call, not me).

betty and veronica


Designer Charlotte Olympia has a whole collection this season devoted to Archie comics. If you really want to make a statement with your clutch this spring, then you can do no better than the one above, can you? You can pick it up for a cool $1600 (and if you’d prefer just some Betty and Veronica, you can get those ladies on a clutch, too).

archie comic shoes


If the Archie clutch leaves you wanting more (or wanting something more but for less), then maybe you would like to know about these Archie comic heels? Here’s the full effect:

Archie Shoes


The heels, as well as these Archie platform sandals, are part of the same Charlotte Olympia collection.


book spine laptop skin


There’s something really calming about this classic book spine iPad skin. Pretty and literary! You can also get this awesome design on a pillow or a tote bag or a clock or an iPhone or as a print here.


Library Luminaries


How awesome would these luminaries made from books be for a party? This set is from a vintage book on visiting the library, perfect for that librarian who lights up your life. I’m also a huge fan of the luminary book garland:


book garland


The garland is available at the same awesome Etsy site (along with a ton of other variations of thematic book page luminaries).


tearable bookmarks



Some people are really good about having and keeping special bookmarks. Then there are people like me who can’t keep a bookmark or have one handy to save their lives. Thus, this book of 150 paper bookmarks you can tear out at a moment’s notice. Genius.


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stitch fix


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