Book Fetish: Volume 103

Harry Potter Shirt



Here’s a shirt for those who like to get straight to the root of your Harry Potter passion. When you look at it, it’s almost like a secret language and those who get the shirt when you’re wearing it are your automatic friends.


Sylvia Plath End Lines Poster


We often celebrate the first lines of books, but how often do we stop and appreciate those last lines? There’s an awesome shop over on Etsy (creatively named “End Quote”) that makes posters of the final lines in classic and well-known books. The one above is from Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar, but there are so many other great ones, too.


Comic Book Nail Decals


Want bookish nails but don’t necessarily have the talent to go all out with your painting skills? Perhaps you’d like to invest in some nail decals. Here’s a set of comic book nail decals that would take your nails to whole new heights.


Ampersand Cookie Cutter

I am obsessed with all things ampersand. It’s such an elegant symbol. Imagine how you could impress everyone you make cookies for with this ampersand cookie cutter (and if you make cookies only for yourself, here’s the perfect literary “treat yourself”).


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