Critical Linking: March 30, 2014

“The bookstore was always the dream,” said Wuerfel. “And then, when the market collapsed, there was no viability in a bookstore. How do you make your margins in order to survive?”

His answer? Beer.

I want to go there.


It looks like the movie version of Fifty Shades of Grey is going to be less Skinemax, more Lifetime. According to reports from CinemaCon, whereUniversal Studios screened the first footage from the film, the movie is hewing closely to the tried-and-true love story angle while giving a wide berth to the explicit nature of the infamous book.

Oh well that’s no fun.


James McBride responds to the news of his 2014 Tournament of Books win: “It is an honor and a privilege to be among so many fantastic writers and readers. I actually think I know a guy who could use that rooster.” We’re in discussions with James about hooking up his friend with a rooster from a nearby animal shelter.

The annual March Madness-style Tournament of Books has a winner!


A third approach is diversity. Instead of one or two white characters, a diverse setting imagines a world in which whiteness is not the default. Novelist Ursula K. Le Guin does this a number of times. In her Earthsea books, the main character, Ged, is red-brown. In Left Hand of Darkness, the main character, Genly Ai, is black, and the androgynous inhabitants of Gethen are, Le Guin says, “Inuit (or Tibetan) brown.” 

Interesting take on how sci-fi (in books, TV, and the big screen) handles diversity.


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