Critical Linking: April 12, 2014

The Guardian is set to become the first national newspaper to champion self-publishing on a regular basis with the launch of a new monthly prize that aims to find the best DIY novels.

Oh now *that’s* interesting!


Readers unfamiliar with the children’s lit industry may be surprised by the degree of gender parity in the charts below. Those more familiar with the industry will likely be surprised too—by the significant representation of men in our overall numbers. For a relatively small percentage of our authors, men are very well represented among our award winners and list-mentions.

VIDA turns their pie charts on kid lit.


TED Conferences LLC and Simon & Schuster will partner together to publish a 12 title series called TED Books. Renowned book designer Chip Kidd, a past TED speaker, will create the cover art for all of the projects.

But part of the charm of a TED talk is watching fellow nerdy types be all awkward on stage! 


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