Critical Linking: April 16th, 2014


If you’re reading this, you almost certainly use Oxford Dictionaries Online, and if you use Oxford Dictionaries Online, you’ve probably used the search box – and have you ever wondered which words receive the highest number of search requests?

I guess we are all just looking for love.


That was fast! Your 2013 National Book Award winner is already getting its film adaptation: Liev Schreiber and Jaden Smith are both attached toThe Good Lord Bird, based on the novel by James McBride.

Live Schreiber as John Brown is inspired casting.


“As Amazon has exploded with growth, hiring thousands of tech workers at its downtown headquarters and helping bolster the Seattle economy, local bookstore owners have seen a surprising new side of the company they loved to hate,” writes Kirk Johnson.

It’s almost like everyone who works for a giant company aren’t all the same.


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