Critical Linking: April 26, 2014

Several teachers and librarians also observed the gathering in the park, along with a representative of the local branch of the ACLU. The police showed up briefly in response to a call from a citizen expressing concern that teens were being given books without their parents’ consent. After questioning Kissel briefly, the police left.

Kids handing out free copies of a book that was banned in their area. Hard to not have nice feels about that.


UNESCO estimates that 774 million adults and 123 million children around the world can’t read or write, and this is often attributable to a simple “inability to access text.” That’s changing, though, as UNESCO found that the popularity of basic mobile phones is providing affordable and engaging resources .

In the discussion of how much cell phones are ruining modern life, this sort of thing is never considered.


Like most of JK Rowling’s literary projects, The Casual Vacancy’s release in 2012 was shrouded in secrecy. But an announcement that the book will be turned into a miniseries? Not so much.

That will be a very frustrating mini-series to watch.


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