Critical Linking: May 10, 2014

About 420 people formed the chain Tuesday in this town of about 690, linking the two libraries. For about an hour and a half, they moved about 3,000 books before calling it a day.

When a small Iowa town gets a new library, what could be a better way of moving the books than forming a human chain.


I don’t mind when people “lie” about what they read. I think the lie itself is revealing and the more I consider the matter, I’m not even sure it’s a lie. On some level, I think we want our reading self to represent out best self.

So, do you lie about what your favorite book is?


“We have been asked legitimate questions about why many of our books are at present marked out of stock with relatively long estimated shipping times on the Amazon website, in contrast to immediate availability on other websites and in stores,” said Sophie Cottrell, a Hachette spokeswoman. “We are satisfying all Amazon’s orders promptly.”

If you’re wondering why you’re not finding Hachette’s books as available on Amazon, you’re not alone.


To grow a lifelong reader, you need literature for a reader’s entire life, which generally looks something like this: picture books to early readers to chapter books to middle grade novels to young adult literature to literary fiction. Baby’s First Kafka aside, most of us don’t graduate directly from picture books to Great Works of Literary Note. Middle grade and young adult literature — and yes, that would include Harry Potter — is the bridge that helps readers travel from The Cat in the Hat to Mrs. Dalloway.

Why don’t we stop complaining about Harry Potter and other literature for young readers, please.


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