Book Fetish: Volume 113

Here’s a little literary love fest in the form of wearables or decor. Enjoy!


Poe Dress


There are never enough Poe-inspired items in your life. Now you can add a super stylish dress to your Poe collection, too. Here’s a closer look at the details:

Poe Dress 2


Now there’s a dress that will get people talking.

Harry Potter Nightlite


What better way to ward off your fears of the dark than with a Harry Potter LED Night Light? I can’t really think of any.


to kill a mockingbird bird house


Now reading can indeed be for the birds. Your birds can call a book their resting place with this To Kill A Mockingbird bird house. 


Babysitters Club Notebook


Remember when The Babysitters Club books were turned into a board game? A crafty Etsy person has turned the pieces of that board game into notebooks you can buy. The outside cover features your favorite sitter, as seen above. Then the inside cover looks like this:

babysitters club notebook inside


You can pick out your Babysitter likeness here.