Critical Linking: May 24, 2014

Trying to decide on the most essential books in the [Young Adult] genre is a bit like trying to empty the ocean using a thimble. We’ve parsed through hundreds of stories about dystopian societies, supernatural love triangles, awkward first crushes and many a mixed-tape featuring the Smiths to bring you this core collection of classic staples and overlooked gems. Consider it your summer reading list.


So Rolling Stone put together what they consider the most essential 40 YA books. It’s flawed, but one of the better attempts out there.


Amazon’s slowdown of their business with Hachette Book Group as the parties battle over terms took another turn Thursday evening, as site visitors noted on social media the disappearance of pre-order buying capability for print and Kindle editions of many forthcoming HBG titles. Among affected titles due for publication in June are JK Rowling’s next Robert Galbraith novel SILKWORM; Michael Koryta’s THOSE WHO WISH ME DEAD; Megan Abbott’s THE FEVER; Elin Hilderbrand’s THE MATCHMAKER, and Tom Rob Smith’s THE FARM, plus Anne Rivers Siddons’ THE GIRLS OF AUGUST (due in early July). The affected books now display as “currently unavailable” and offer to have customers “sign up to be notified when this item becomes available” — as those same titles are readily available for pre-order at other online booksellers. 

You may find some of the books you’re eager to read might not be available from Amazon’s site. Call it a feud or call it business between Amazon and Hachette. Either way, you can pick up these books from other online retailers.


Apparently, the new U.K. production of Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus is giving Game of Thrones a run for its money when it comes to graphic violence and gore.

So the Bard was a little bloody, it seems. Here’s a breakdown of the 8 plays with the highest body counts.