The Week’s Most Popular Posts: June 9 – 13, 2014

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Ok, Rachel’s list is super-cute, but let’s be real for a second: non-readers don’t have a monopoly on being obnoxious. Here are 10 super-cringy things I’ve overhead book people saying to non-book people, and I wish to goodness they would stop.

  1. Oh, you watch television. Oh. I read.
  2. Uh huh. I didn’t see that movie because I already read the book and obviously it’s going to be better
  3. I only read 100 books last year. I hope to do better this year.


from 10 Obnoxious Things Hard-Core Readers Say to People by Brenna Clarke Gray


Why am I telling you this, other than to reveal my own neurosis to the widest possible audience, like a less-scummy Woody Allen? I’m telling you this because I want you to know, it’s okay to be neurotic about books, and it’s okay to be embarrassed by them sometimes, for whatever irrational or not reason you happen to be. Are you an adult and embarrassed by your fervent and ongoing love of Young Adult fiction? I wish you weren’t, but I wish I weren’t too. I understand. You can be embarrassed.

Just…don’t let anyone else do it to you. If anyone else tries to laugh at you or embarrass you, I invite you to whack them with the book they’re sneering at you over, then gather up all your toys and go find other friends and other yards, because these assholes are no good for you. Be embarrassed on your own and work through it on your own (or don’t and write an article about it) (I highly recommend this latter route).

from Books I’m Embarrassed to Read in Public by Peter Damien


“Ulysses” (1833) by Alfred, Lord Tennyson- Remember that scene where the guys are in the cave for the first time, reviving the “Dead Poets Society?” And Neil reads those lines from “Ulysses?” *swoooooons* This is my favorite poem, guys, because it’s so lyrical, and despairing yet hopeful, and just so perfect. So get thee to a library or bookstore and grab a copy of Tennyson’s poems, because if you like “Ulysses,” you’ll like his other dramatic monologues, and much of the rest of his poetry.

from A “Dead Poet’s Society” Reading List by Rachel Cordasco


Readers can evangelize, but we should only do it for the books that truly deserve it. If readers enthuse over every book, it makes that enthusiasm dishonest – a problem for readers, publishers and authors. You can’t be a sincere evangelist for what you don’t really believe in. And if you don’t really believe in it, no one should ask you to evangelize for it.

Enthusiasm shouldn’t be required or even expected of readers. Readers should not be pressured or cajoled or guilted or tricked or passively forced into being enthused or publicly sharing that enthusiasm on behalf of The Publishing Industry.

It should be enough to just read a damn book.

from Why Isn’t Just Reading Enough Anymore? by Kim Ukura

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