Critical Linking: June 29, 2014

Made from renewable wood, the library cards are individually hand sanded and oiled. The cards are just as durable as the plastic cards.

Join us in making our planet a better place and think of ways that you, too, can reduce plastic waste.

This is kind of neat. The San Rafael Public Library is the first in the world to offer bamboo library cards, as opposed to plastic cards.


When asked if he had any advice for Spencer, Handler replied, “I would rather be advised by this librarian on what he thinks I ought to read next.”

Handler is among thousands who have voiced support for Spencer since the Leawood shut down the tiny library, which was roughly the size of a large birdhouse.

Daniel Handler — aka Lemony Snicket — is lending his support to the little boy in Kansas who was told by the city council he couldn’t keep his Little Free Library. That’s a class act (and to be that kid with that kind of support, too, must feel great).


The success of “The Fault in Our Stars” cuts through the notion that literary films should be serious winter movies and released around the holidays for contention in the Oscar race. This summer we’ll see more young adult books made into films, several literary thrillers and some surprises. Here’s our cheat sheet, organized by month.

Looking for some literary movies to get you through the long, hot summer? The L.A. Times has got you covered.


Food banks in London are starting to hand out children’s books because of the rise in the number of young families affected by poverty.

Thousands of copies of a storybook for children as young as three are being given away by the Booktrust charity along with emergency food parcels.

Smart, smart, smart move.