Critical Linking: August 18th, 2014


As you get older, you start seeing the world a little differently — the same goes for the books you read. Whether it was a book you were forced to read in sophomore English class or your favorite childhood novel, some literary classics have a strange way of changing when we revisit them as adults. For better or worse, things just can’t stay the same.

Indeed. For example, #2 on this list of books that change when you read them later in life goes from being a sad book to a torture device of inescapable depression.


Everyone’s educational journey is different. But whether you’re a math prodigy, a writing whiz or a future business leader, your education will still have one fundamental building block: reading. Reading is a crucial part of every level of education, from preschool to grad school. And if you find yourself buried in books outside the classroom as well, your love of reading could pay off in the form of college scholarships for readers, writers and book lovers.

Interesting round-up of college scholarships for teenage booklovers.


“If we keep making noise about the way women’s books are perceived, marketed, sold and discussed, I think that in 10, 20, 30 years’ time, I am going to look at The New York Times book reviews and see something different than I’m seeing now.”

I wonder how many book reviews the NYT will actually be running in 30 years.


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