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Let’s take a look back at what you were most interested in this week at Panels: 

A few weeks ago, as part of our launch celebration, we asked an important question: what was the first comic you loved? 215 Panels readers answered the call, naming 240 unique titles (the survey allowed up to three responses per person).

from The Top 9 Comics That Got You Hooked by Rebecca Joines Schinsky


DIY comic covered modpodge pumpkins 2

Who says you must get dirty with pumpkin guts? Great comic-covered pumpkin tutorial here. Don’t deal with the rotting, stinking mess a fresh jack-o-lantern is destined to become.

from Spice Up Your Halloween Pumpkin Game With Comics by Kristina Pino


Basically, for me, cosplaying is a way to celebrate a character I love, in a surprisingly collective fashion. Every time someone goes “Hey, Guy Gardner, awesome!” it’s a shared moment of, “Yeah, this character is rad, and we’re rad for loving him.” It’s a secret handshake with sparkly eyeshadow. It’s a party!

The worst part of cosplaying, besides the invariable aches and pains from even a comfortable costume, is that long, lonely subway ride to the con, where everyone’s looking at you like you’re crazy. But the best part is the stretch from the subway out to 11th Avenue, where with each block the normal weirdos of my hometown give way to weirdos in Flash shirts and Sailor Moon wigs. It’s like coming home.

from NYCC, Cosplay, and Me by Jessica Plummer


I wish that I could say that none of this matters to somebody who is just starting to explore comics, but—well, it sort of does. If you go into almost any comics shop, and even some chain bookstores, the comics will be sorted primarily not by author or title, but by publisher. So if somebody tells you that you have to check out Matt Fraction’sHawkeye, or Gail Simone’s Batgirl, that information won’t be much help if you don’t know who published it. (Hawkeye is Marvel, Batgirl is DC). So it helps to get used to carrying that information in your head, when you’re searching for a particular comic.

from Adventures of a Comic Book Newbie: Tell Me About Comic Book Publishers by Ali Colluccio


In the 1990s, living in Berkeley, California, I had access to dozens of comics shops. True, this was the boom time… variant covers and gimmicky stunts were drawing many more hunters into the game. But the thrill for me was not the value of a hologram cover. I would spend days traveling around comic books stores from Alameda to Richmond to Walnut Creek, rummaging through back-issue bins and — my personal favorite — the quarter bins. I was obsessed with putting together runs of comic books I had read in small, irregular chunks as a kid. Or had always wanted to read. An entire run of DC Comics Blue Devil at roughly a quarter a book? Yep, that was me, buying those.

from Collector Mentality: My Last Comic Book Hunt by Dave Accampo

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