Critical Linking, October 27th, 2014 (Evening Edition)


This family quiz has questions for everyone. Children get extra points for blues and reds. 

The formatting of this quiz is a little clunky, but I love the idea of quizzes/puzzles that are meant to be played by groups of people of different abilities.


 A fan in the audience questioned Martin on how he came up with the name for the Stark’s “simple” stableboy, whose real name is actually Walder. It seemed an innocuous question, but Martin dodged it, telling the audience to “keep reading” for more about how the gentle giant came to utter the one word that doubles as his nickname.

Never occurred to me to wonder about the origin of “Hodor” and now it is an all-consuming vision quest of a need for the answer.


St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves, the short story collection by Pulitzer Prize finalist and MacArthur Genius Karen Russell, has been optioned to be developed into a television show for ABC. Jenny Bicks, co-executive producer of The Big C and Sex and the City, will oversee the production, and Channing Powell (of The Walking Dead) will write the script.

See, now that’s interesting.


In the first of a new series on fictional villains, Sarah Crown argues that Tolkien’s unseen Sauron from The Lord of the Rings is the most frightening and enduring

I think I agree with this. Isn’t it strange though that a character so abstract is so menacing?


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