Critical Linking: November 4th, 2014


Pinker selects “from those that repeatedly turn up in style guides, pet-peeve lists, newspaper language columns and irate letters to the editor.” In each case, he explains the absurdity of strict adherence and offers several perfectly reasonable exceptions that require no correction to clarify their meaning.

These 10 breakable grammar rules are good reminders that language is best when it’s fluid, adaptable, and creative.


“Hellooo, isn’t it bad for you?” the friend asks. Mags replies that she has researched the claims online and found studies showing that the product is safe: “They fed lab rats twenty-five hundred packets of Sweet’N Low a day … And still the F.D.A. or E.P.A., or whatevs agency, couldn’t connect the dots from any kind of cancer in humans to my party in a packet.”

The scene was brought to you by the Cumberland Packing Corporation, the Brooklyn-based company that makes Sweet’N Low. Cumberland Packing invested about $1.3 million in “Find Me I’m Yours.”

Not sure which is more surprising: the product placement in an ebook, the price paid, or the fantastically bad integration.


Hold onto your heads, Hilary Mantel fans. The American broadcast premiere of “Wolf Hall” has been set — the miniseries is coming April 5 to “Masterpiece” on PBS.

Part Downton Abbey, Part Game of Thrones. 100% great.

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