Snuggly Bookish PJs for Winter Reading Time

Not to sound like a Stark, but – you guys – Winter is coming.

I don’t know about you, but all these low temperatures, gray skies, and early sunsets just make me want to curl up with some genre fiction and not leave my house until spring.

However: we’re bookworms, not savages. We might as well be appropriately dressed while we hide from the frigid wind and dwindling daily sunlight.

Game of Thrones yoga pants.
Do you need to put on more layers? Are you feeling like a mother of dragons? Say so on your butt!

I'd rather be reading a good book nightgown.
This nightgown
has a clear message for anyone who tries to distract you from your one and only mission. Other activities? No, thank you.

Library due date card tank top and panties pjs
This library due date t-shirt and panties set is perfect for those days when pants are just too much.

Coffee, books, and no pants tank top.
Here’s another pants-free option for when your library card outfit in the laundry. This one tells it like it is.

Bonus points for pairing it with these Hogwarts house boxers:

Hogwarts house boxers in Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, or Hufflepuff.
Those are available here in all house colors, both in a tiny, revealing version “for ladies” or a super comfy-looking version “for men.”

Frankie & Johnny Book Lover Cotton Pajama Pants
I hope you can see the amazing pattern on these bookish pjs: it has stacks of books, coffee cups, and names of genres.

Sleep all day, read all night t-shirt.
This one’s
perfect for when you’re feeling nocturnal. AKA: living the dream.

I saved this for last because it’s mind-blowingly amazing:

Hogwarts house onesies
Yes. Hogwarts house adult-sized onesies. Get ’em all for your different moods: change depending on if you’re feeling brave, sly, loyal, or smart.

Adult Hogwarts house onesies in Hogwarts.
Also, the Etsy seller who makes these took the time to photoshop her onesied models into a photo of Hogwarts. Which means she deserves our money.

How many of you are going to be wearing some of these bookish pjs in 5-10 business days, my fellow book nerds?

If you tweet me a photo of yourself in a Hogwarts house onesie, you’ll be my favorite forever.


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