Holiday Gift Guide: Toys & Collectibles For Everybody

Because adults love their toys just as much as the tiny human versions of ourselves running around, here’s a gift guide for collectibles that are mostly “13 and up” or thereabouts. Being a toy collector can get expensive rather quickly, but then again, being a comics fan in general is hazardous to our wallets anyway.

I’ll start things off with Kotobukiya. They’re usually a safe bet when it comes to high quality figures, and for a Japanese company they release quite a lot of comics- (and Star Wars, might I add) related merchandise every year. Some standouts from this year that are currently in stock at places are: a 1/10-scale Avengers Now! Captain America based on concept art from Adi Granov, New 52 Batgirl ArtFX+, 1/10-scale Black Adam from Justice League, the recently-released ArtFX+ Batman based on his appearance in the game Arkham City, and of course, I would be remiss to not feature Rocket and Groot who have also joined the ArtFX+ line.

Funko is a crowd-pleaser, and pretty much always cooking up cool designs for their vinyl toy releases. Though the quality isn’t the greatest in the world, you’re getting what you’re paying for, their toys are often charming and they fit nicely in book shelves alongside your in-print collections. Some of my favorites are: The TMNT Mystery Minis series set of adorable tiny figures,  Pop! Movies the Iron Giant (is this one cheating? Whatever – my list, my rules), a Batman bobblehead you can perch on your computer screen that I find absolutely hilarious, Dragonball Z‘s Goku going all Super Saiyan, and a Pop! Vinyl figure of Odin from Thor: The Dark World.

My next highlighted company is NECA, who produce toys from a wide variety of media and genre, including comics and horror film, video games, and TV. My picks from them are: a 1/4-scale figure of The Joker from The Dark Knight, a Wolverine resin bobble head looking particularly cool in the classic suit, and another of Hulk smashing things, a little 7-inch tall Rorschach that would look great on your desk, and, for ultimate campy fun, this Adam West Batman figure which, at the time of writing, is in really low stock at the link here.

Are you into manga or anime? Fear not – there are plenty of options for you, too! There are a few retailers out there who sell Japanese toys overseas, including AmiAmi, HobbyLink Japan, and even Big Bad Toy Store and Entertainment Earth. Your options are great, so let’s look at a few rad releases: S.H. Figuarts Naruto by Tamashii Nations/Bandai, Figuarts ZERO Rebecca from One Piece by the same, a Colossus Titan prize figure of Attack on Titan fame from Banpresto, S.H. Figuarts Sailor Moon (re-release version), and Revoltech Danboard from Yotsuba& (alternatively, Yotsuba herself in Revoltech form). Because everyone can use a Danboard in their life.

To round things off, I’m going to list just a few other stand outs and fun stuff I saw here and there:

Yamato’s excellent 1/6-scale Fantasy Figure series Catwoman. A word of caution: Yamato’s resin statues are great, high quality products, and very fragile! If you spring for one of these, handle with care.

Various Peanuts-related vinyl collectible dolls from Medicom Toy in vintage styles, including Charlie, Schroeder, Lucy, and Linus.

DC Comics Bombshells Stargirl, looking totally fab.

Super Best Friends Forever‘s Wonder Girl, totally awesome and unlike my own version of the figure (the SDCC-exclusive set of Wondy, Batgirl, and Supergirl), this one comes with extra faces.

Also, Super Girl. Ah, what the heck. Here’s a link to Batgirl, too. All three of them are delightful.

Now, I can go on and on, but then this gift guide would never end. If you have any questions, requests, or even additions of your own to make to this list, please drop them in the comments below! I’m happy to keep digging around for stuff to help a Panel-Pal in need. In this guide, I tried to keep things general and drop suggestions across a wide range of price points, so it should be a great starting point, at the very least, for anyone looking for just the right toy.

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