Bookish Stocking Stuffers: Lit Socks

Who doesn’t love fun socks? After growing up and being told I could only ever wear white socks because of sports or phys ed, becoming an adult and having the ability to wear any kind of sock I wanted to — with as wild a pattern as I wanted — continues to be a huge perk.

Even better than a wild pattern though is a good book-themed sock. These would make excellent any time buys or, if you’re trying to find some stocking stuffers for the book lover in your life (or yourself), you can’t go wrong with any of these.


bookworm knee highs

Perfect for men or women are these straight-to-the-point knee highs.


shakespeare socks

Put some Willy Shakespeare on your feet and you can get a little too punny with Toe-meo and Juliet.


wonder woman caped socks

These Wonder Woman socks come with their own capes on the back.


harry potter knee high socks

Choose your Howarts House with these knee high socks, available in Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, or a more general, all-encompassing Hogwarts style.


quidditch no show socks

Not into knee-highs but still want to show some Harry Potter style? Then these no-show Quidditch socks are perfect.


bat man socks

Kick it old school with these Batman socks.


cats and books socks

For the animal lover, here are cats plus books.


pencil socks

Sometimes, you want nothing more than to wear a pair of No. 2 pencils on your feet.


superman socks

Superman? Superman.


typewriter socks

A good old-fashioned love letter to typewriters.


blamo socks

These comic bubble socks are a perfect hers & his combo.


blamo blue socks

If you want more comic bubble sound effect socks, you can also get them in ankle-length and in blue and yellow.


book shelves socks

Maybe you want your socks to show off what your book shelves look like.


bookworm socks

Little bookworms for your feet.


bookworm socks 2

Because one pair of bookworm socks isn’t enough, here’s a second style.


hunger games socks

While there have been some awesome Hunger Games-themed socks, they are really challenging to find. But two pairs you can snag still include socks featuring The Capitol and Mockingjay movie poster style socks.


alphabet socks

Some A-B-Cs for your T-O-Es.


book riot store socks

And, of course, you can snap up some banned books socks and library card themed socks from our very own Book Riot Store.


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