The 5 Most Adorable Comics-Themed Funko POP! Vinyl Toys

Surely you’ve seen these too-cute-for-words figures at your local comic shop. Funko’s POP! collection turns your favorite characters into doe-eyed, giant-headed doll thingies. When you see them, you feel the need to put a dozen or so on your desk, bookshelves, any flat surface available. Here are the 5 most ADORABLE options for your IRL desktop.

5. Heimdall

POP_HeimdallHeimdall is really excited because this is the first time he’s been called “adorable.” It’s also the first time he’s been in a Top 5 list. Based on the Idris Elba version of this Sentry of Asgard, it’s the yellow lamp-like eyes that make me squee. And the helmet.

4. Judge Dredd

POP_Judge_DreddI’m pretty sure no one in the history of ever has referred to Judged Dredd “adorable.” Judge-jury-and-executioner, Dredd is a cold, bad-ass mofo. But when Funko gets their hands on him, his giant helmet turns into the cutest little thing.

3. Harley Quinn

POP_Harley_QuinnHarley’s original Batman: The Animated Series character design is perfect for the POP! line. Her brightly colored costume and over-sized jester hat fit so well within the aesthetic for this collection. ADORABLE.

2. 1966 Batman with Batmobile

POP_Batman_66There are like 10 different Batman vinyls in the POP! collection. But none of them are as whimsical, fun, and adorable as the 1966 television series version. And if you’re on the fence about this one, if you thought, “I don’t know, Ali. The Dark Knight Batman has really squishable cheeks,” you’re wrong because this one comes with a Batmobile.

1. Baby Dancing Groot

POP_Dancing_GrootI mean, do I even need to write anything? Baby Dancing Groot wins all things.

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