Book Fetish: Volume 139

Neil deGrasse Tyson Chalkboard Art Print: Dangerdust started as an art duo, taking over the chalkboards of their art school, and they’ve parlayed that into a design firm. They’ve got prints you can buy, including my favorite by everyone’s favorite physicist, but you should also check out their Instagram and on Behance.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Chalkboard Print


The Night Before Christmas Ornament: A bookish ornament made out of a book about Christmas. Totally meta.

The Night Before Christmas ornament

Everybody Dies Tea Towel: What to gift your favorite bookish cynic? A spoilerific Shakespearian tea towel of course.

Everybody Dies Tea Towel


kate spade 2015 Agenda Book: It’s preeeeetty.

kate spade 2015 agenda

Doctor Who and Belle Tee: Of all the mashups, this might be my favorite. I would watch the crap out of Belle, Disney bookworm extraordinaire, as the Doctor’s next companion.

doctor who beauty and the beast tee shirt




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