Best of Book Fetish 2014

Rory Williams Tee: This nerdtastic tee combines Doctor Who legend and Harry Potter mythology in the most unexpected and awesome way possible.



Shot Out of a Cannon Bookends: These unique and creative steel bookends are just one of the many amazing designs by this Kentucky artist. There’s a perfect set, no matter what books you’ll put between them.


Folded Pages Earrings: Origami for your ears, these delicate folded stars are the best way to make a literary statement from the neck up.

folded pages earrings

BookBook Macbook Case: If you’re in the market for a new case for your macbook, may I suggest this one that looks like an old book? The level of detail on this is impressive.

macbook book case

Literary Setting Candles: Ever wonder what the inner sanctums of your favorite literary heroes smell like? Wonder no more. Choose from Dumbledore’s Office (“Cedarwood vanilla, fireplace and lemon”) to The Shire (“Oakmoss, clover, aloe, with a hint of sweet cherry pipe tobacco”) to Sherlock’s Study (“Sweet pipe tobacco, cherry wood and fresh rain”) and more.



“How To” Temporary Tattoo: Just in case you happen to run into someone who is unaware of what to do with that weird rectangular thing you’re carrying, wear some instructions for easy reference. Don’t worry, this ink is temporary.

book temporary tattoo

Nevermore Necktie: Quoth the Raven…around your neck.


Due Date Baby Set: Here’s a way to get even the youngest readers nostalgic for the days of library old. It’s a onesie and burp cloth set, styled in the library due date card look.

onesie due date outfit

Zipper Bookmark: Keep a tight seal on your spot with a cheeky accessory and always unzip at the right place.


Bathroom Book Holder: If you take books with you to the bathroom and don’t have a shelf to set them down on or a box to toss them in, then you’re in luck with this birdhouse book holder. You can set your open book on top of it and it holds a roll of toilet paper. Doing double duty indeed.



Charles Bukowski Mug: Read and bleed, kids. Read and bleed.


Feather Bookmark: Are you planning on tackling The Goldfinch this summer? How about The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell or To Kill a Mockingbird? Mark your spotappropriately with a copper feather.

copper feather bookmark


Kate Spade + The Strand Tote: We love everything bookish that Kate Spade does, so of course their partnership with indie bookstore The Strand yields some amazing stuff, like this tote.

kate-spade-strand-tote (1)


Hashtag Read Canvas Tote: Put a bird on it.


Library Card Fabric: Never before have I wished so hard to be able to sew, just to be able to use fabric printed with library borrowing cards for some well-known classic novels. Who wants to teach me to quilt?

library card fabric print


Emily Dickinson Printed Tights: It’s getting to be tights weather and what better way to keep your stems warm than with some that are poetry-emblazoned?

emily dickinson poem printed tights

Owl Bookend/Eyeglasses Holder: I mean, come on. How great is this? Plus it comes in a bunch of colors.

owl glasses holder bookend

Harry Potter/Journey Tee: Throw up your devil horns \m/\m/



Call Me Big Papa Tee: Ernie is everyone’s favorite homie.

Big_Papa Hemingway tshirt


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