Get Dapper, Book Style

It’s pretty easy to find fabulous bookish accessories meant for ladies – tights, heels, jewelry, etc., but truly classy, well made accessories for the discerning literature-loving gentleman? That can be a little trickier.*

Library checkout pocket square from cyberoptix

This library check out card pocket square is so good. The font, the lines, the way you have to look at it closely to realize what it is; I just love it.

Fabulous accessories for the dapper bookish gentleman.

I don’t think I need to tell you that this is a most swoon-worthy bookish groom accessory.

It is available in almost any color, and also comes as a tie, bow tie, or pashmina:

Library check out card bow ties from cyberoptix

This will surprise nobody who knows me, but I’m obsessed with these pink ones. A man who is dapper, bookish, and unafraid of the prettiest petal hue? Be still my heart.

Library check out card pashmina from cyberoptix

Here’s the pashmina, just in case you are dapper as fuck.

Library check out card ties from cyberoptix

And the ties!

The website recommends using a Sharpie to add a personalized title and due date to commemorate significant dates (again, so perfect for a wedding or other special occasion).

If library check out cards aren’t your style, you can go for the good old notebook paper-inspired designs.

Notebook paper bow tie from cyberoptix

All of the above accessories are available here. All images via Cyberoptix.

*Please note that I firmly believe that anyone who enjoys any particular bookish accessory should flaunt it with pride, gender norms be damned.



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