Off-Panel: January 16, 2015

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Here’s your weekly round-up of comics news stories we found interesting, from the gutters and beyond.

Image Comics is the premier publisher of creator-owned comics from some of the most talented comics creators in the world. Now you can get the best comics and save up to 35% off the cover price. Your favorite titles, shipped monthly straight to your door. Support your favorite writers and artists directly through Image Direct!

Sooooooo, Image Comics launched a subscription service this week. I mean, that’s just awesome. Although they don’t ship to Canada, so gentle booing. Gentle.




How to workout like a superhero, from the superb nerds at Comic Book Resources. What I really want, though, is a Deadpool workout please and thank you (12 reps of snark, I presume).


Archie Andrews had to die.

It was the best way to help bring the long-lived comic icon and his collection of everyday, relatable friends full circle in time for a 75th anniversary rebirth and allow him to remain rooted in today’s present.

Do I post about Archie every single week? I think maybe? But this is a really thoughtful discussion with the folks in charge over at Archie about the interesting work they’ve done for the last few years.


element zero


Learn about Element Zero, a Jordanian superhero designed to help model the fight against extremism in the Middle East for young boys.


It’s not just the public that tends to focus on Wonder Woman rather than Wonder Woman. Scholars do, as well. There’s remarkably little criticism that sees Wonder Woman as an aesthetically important or significant comic in its own right. Rather, most writing tends to focus on the historical or cultural significance of the book—which effectively means that it looks at Wonder Woman through the lens of Wonder Woman.

Can you appreciate the character without celebrating the publication it came from? The Atlantic has some thoughts about the separation of Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman.

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