Book Fetish: Volume 143

Book Lovers’ Teapot and Mugs: This quaint set makes me wish I liked tea and wasn’t totally terrified of accidentally drinking tea leaves.

book lovers tea pot mugs


Game of Thrones Sigil Bowties: I love the subtlety of these, not to mention the rougher fabric. No silk for a Stark! Or a Greyjoy!

stark dire wolf sigil bowtie game of thrones

greyjoy kraken sigil bowtie game of thrones


Reader’s Wrap & Arm Warmers: You know that thing that happens when you’re curled up on the couch trying to read and your arms get cold, but you want to keep holding your book and also don’t want to look dorky wearing a snuggie? (#readerproblems) Enter the reader’s wrap and arm warmers. Game = changed.

readers wrap arm warmers

Where the Halflings Are Tote Bag: I love a good bookish mash-up. Sendak, meet Tolkien. Second breakfast AND rumpusing? Best ever.

lord of the rings where the wild things are tote bag

Daily Prophet Infinity Scarf: Not your everyday Harry Potter swag, this scarf is all about that Undesirable #1.

harry potter daily prophet infinity scarf


Stay snuggly with these sweaters from the Book Riot store!

long sleeves store