13 More Great Bookish Prints For Your Walls

Didn’t get enough great bookish prints in last month’s round-up of 13 great ones? Here are 13 more excellent literary prints to spice up your walls, cubicles, bookshelf ends, or other blank spaces:


read scrabble letters

Scrabble letters spelling out one of the best words we know.



black girl reading with cat

How great is this for a kid’s room? So sweet.



library cats

Cats + books = purr-fection. I have zero regrets about that pun.



stack of books

The description for this post says these are diagonal stacks of books. But I suspect they look like the leaning to-be-read towers we all have.




ampersand print

I love a good ampersand, and this one made in the shape of a pencil is pretty great.



between the pages of a book

No reader would argue with this sentiment.



comma sutra

For those who want their punctuation humor a little naughty.



read in order to live

We’re all on board with this statement.



read read read typography


It’s hard to resist great typography.



fox loves reading



heart of books

Put a little (book) love in your heart.



reading trek

Everything about this print is 100% perfect.



happy endings

This one is appropriately titled “Happy Endings.”



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