Critical Linking for April 30th, 2015

 A book must stand out on the bookstore bookshelf yet cover designers rarely receive the recognition that authors do. In appreciation of these unsung artists, here are 30 of my favorite fiction covers – all worth buying for the cover alone.

Not sure I would buy a book just for the cover, but this is quite collection, from the iconic to the eccentric.


To celebrate the Victory Day, a remembrance of the Soviet Union’s defeat over the Nazis in World War II, the Russian government has pushed to remove all swastikas from the country.

Bookstores have been removing titles which include the symbol from bookshelves. Unfortunately, “Maus,” the Pulitzer-Prize winning graphic novel by Art Spiegelman that depicts a Jewish family during the Holocaust has also been removed since it features a swastika on the cover.

Well, see that’s what we call missing the forest for the trees.


Jian Ghomeshi, the Canadian broadcaster who was dismissed from his high-profile radio show after allegations of sexual abuse last year, will be the subject of an upcoming e-book to be published by Kobo.

Publishers Weekly reports that “Jian Ghomeshi: Secret Life” is being written by Toronto Star reporter Kevin Donovan, who covered the Ghomeshi story last fall. It’s the first e-book coming from Kobo, Canada’s premiere e-book retailer and e-reader device maker.

As a Canadian company, you could do worse with your first published title than a biography of one of the most controversial Canadians in recent history.


Sales from eBooks were down by 10.2 percent in January 2015, as compared to the same period in 2014, according to The Association of American Publishers (AAP)’s latest StatShot.

Even weirder, overall book sales were still up just about 1% for the month. Something is happening with ebooks, just not sure what.


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