A Love for Ampersands

My favorite symbol of all is the ampersand. I’ve got more than one piece of art in my house dedicated to it, own more than one “&” necklace, and I’ve sat on getting an ampersand tattoo for years (the only thing holding me back is that I’ve changed my mind on font, design, and location over and over and I’m afraid of commitment).

There’s something elegant and fun about ampersands. And it’s a symbol with a nice history to it — it’s from the Latin word “et,” which means “and,” which is why when you look at an “&” in different fonts, sometimes it looks like an “e” and a “t.”

If you, like me, love ampersands, then you’ll want to consider purchasing these beautiful ampersand items.



What a delicious collection of ampersand necklaces. At $15 each, you can own this one in multiple colors.


ampersand print set of 6

For design lovers, this set of 6 ampersand letter press prints is a must-have. I only included one in the image above, but you can click through and see all of the styles.


ampersand coaster


Rest your favorite beverage on an ampersand coaster.



marquee ampersand light

How great would this ampersand marquee light look on a bookshelf?


ampersand bottle opener


Not only is this ampersand stylish, it’s practical since it’s a bottle opener.


ampersand serving board

I didn’t think you could make cheese and crackers look more beautiful, but turns out an ampersand serving board can do that.


hand towel ampersand

Class up the kitchen with these ampersand hand towels.


ampersand cookie cutter

You can bake yourself some ampersand cookies.


ampersand wall decal

Spice up your walls with ampersand decals, available in black and a beautiful shiny gold.


ampersand earrings

If you’re a minimalist, you can’t go wrong with these ampersand post earrings.


ampersand nature

A lovely marriage of an ampersand with nature in this print.




Need a book end that you can adjust and has style? Clampersand!


ampersand bracelet

A lovely rose gold ampersand bracelet.


laser cut bookends


More lovely book ends. This set features laser cut ampersands.


ampersand mug


Here is a mug that features an ampersand and a sandwich, so it’s a hampersandwich.


ampersand travel mug

And finally, here’s a classy looking travel mug.


Do what the t-shirts say.

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