Critical Linking for May 13th, 2015


I love the ability to get inside the head of someone who commits evil acts and for some reason I like it even more if I am able to understand their motivation for committing a crime. I began to think about other books which shared this property and before I knew it I had a list long enough to justify a full blog post! Here are my favourite books about the more unsavoury characters in our society, but be warned, most of these books will make you feel very uncomfortable!

One things books let you do is safely explore stuff that isn’t really safe, and this list of 12 Books to Understand the Darker Side of Society is a great example of that.


Paul Kingsnorth’s crowdfunded novel The Wake, which the author wrote in an invented form of Old English and originally envisaged self-publishing, has won the inaugural book of the year prize at the Bookseller industry awards. The prize is intended to recognise the publisher as well as the book, and goes to both Kingsnorth and Unbound, the crowdfunding publisher which released The Wake last year after raising money from readers.

I don’t know about you, but this feels like the future a little bit.


Books will still be published. Writers will still complain about their publishers. Stories will continue to be told, and readers will still hanker after them. There’s nothing like reading. That interpretation through the nonconcrete medium of words fosters creativity in almost every bookworm. Basic imaginative talent is cultivated by reading, and that process cannot be replaced or lost because we, as long as we are human, will always have words and thoughts, pains and ecstasies, that must be expressed.

Walter Mosley brings it all back home.

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