Off-Panel: May 13, 2015

Our daily round-up of news around the comics space, from the gutters and beyond.

“Joining the Avengers is as deadly as jumping off a four-story building.”

I love statistics, and I love fivethirtyeight, and I love comics. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise I love this story.

As much as we love the wham-bam-pow of the Avengers fighting larger-than-life foes, sometimes we wish that we could have smaller Marvel movies, focused on what the characters do when they’re not punching robots.

Yes, I would watch these. Except maybe The Couch.

“In this follow-up discussion, [Archie Comics CEO Jon Goldwater] expands in-depth as to what convinced the publisher to pursue crowdfunding, along with responding to unhappy retailers and providing insight into the campaign’s backer incentives (which have shifted since launch on Monday) and the timing of the Kickstarter, which began before “Archie” #1 has arrived in stores.”

If you didn’t see Jess’s post yesterday on the Archie Kickstarter, it’s a goodie. It’s interesting to see what new information is coming out, and what that implies.


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