Buy, Borrow, Bypass: Books By Ladies of the Internet

Let this serve as a preview for a larger post on the title topic later in the summer, when Day’s book is closer to publication. I’ve lived on the internet for a really long time, so all of these books reflected my feels pretty clearly.

Felicia Day You're Never Weird on the Internet AlmostYou’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) by Felicia Day (Touchstone, August 11)
Day’s memoir covers her unconventional homeschool years, her college life as a violin genius, and her ultimate rise to internet stardom via The Guild, which revolutionized storytelling by bringing a TV show to a still-pretty-new medium: YouTube. Day is funny and self-deprecating, and her voice is so familiar to all of us who felt like outsiders or weirdos because of what we loved, but ultimately finding a home among our people online.

Verdict: If you’re a fan, this is an auto-Buy. If not, it’s still worth a Borrow.


The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl by Issa RaeThe Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl by Issa Rae
The chapter about Rae’s internet love life in the mid-to-late ‘90s rung so true for me. She explores race, stereotypes, and being the only Black kid in a white school who then has to transition to life in a largely Black community. I knew of her web series before reading the book, but I’m the WORST at actually getting around to watching things. Lizzie Bennet Diaries? I’ve seen half, really liked them, and then forgot about the whole series until literally this minute. But now I’ll try to remember to check it out because Rae’s voice is fresh and funny and I want to be her friend.

Verdict: Same as above: fans have already Bought this; everyone else should definitely Borrow it.


The Fangirl's Guide to the Galaxy by Sam MaggsThe Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy by Sam Maggs
I haven’t read much of this one yet, but I think I’m going to love it. Hard. Because that’s how fangirls do. Can I digress here and just say that this topic is really close to my heart because my first fandom (Tori Amos) led me out of my rural bubble (via the Internet) and made me realize how big the world is, how full of diverse humans who have all kinds of stories. They taught me to curse. I’m so going to write a whole post about this.

Verdict: So far, I’m giving it a Buy.


I know I’m missing some. I’ve never read Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, for example. What else?


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