#LoveWins: A Rainbow Bookstack Round-Up

On Friday, June 26, love became the law when the Supreme Court handed down a decision in favor of nation-wide marriage equality. Naturally, the bookternet celebrated with their books! Here are a few of our favorite rainbow bookstacks, in honor of the continued progress of civil rights for LGBTQIA citizens.

1. Our very own Panels:

2. Parnassus Books with a two-fer:

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3. Rioter Emma:

Thought I'd add to the bookstagram rainbow love with some Word Cloud Classics. #lovewins

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4. Our own Rachel put together her books for Book Riot:

#regram from @bookriot ! (also those are my books ??) #lovewins

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5. The Bookarista:

My heart is full today. #lovewins #marriageequality

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6. Not to be outdone, Miss Liberty:

#books #reading #loveislove

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7. Coffee House Press:

In the words of @theferocity, yaaaaassss

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8. Rioter Nikki added signage to hers:

Nikki's Rainbow Bookstack

9. It’s not a rainbow stack, but Melville House celebrated nonetheless:

10. Astoria Bookshop went with the 8-color flag:


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11. This reader included genres and colors:

12. And this is some A+ shelving: