Critical Linking: July 12, 2015

painted lockers



“We thought well, wow, we can really make this hallway look good, and we can make the lockers look like book spines, but then it became much more than just a decoration process,” said teacher Elizabeth Williams.

The teachers selected titles that would appeal to all reading levels, interests and genres. Then, they posted initial pictures of their art project on Facebook, hoping to recruit some volunteers. They never realized it would create such a social media buzz.

Seriously brilliant project at this middle school transforming old lockers into book spines.


best covers 2015


From the beauty of minimalism to the detail of hand-drawn illustrations, it’s time to celebrate books for their covers. We’ve rounded up 20 diverse book jackets that catch the eye and intrigue the mind, ensuring that readers will snatch them from bookstore shelves.

What do you think? Are these the twenty best book covers so far this year?


The Ransom Center’s two-volume Gutenberg Bible is on permanent display in the lobby. Every three months the Center’s staff changes which page of the Bible is displayed, allowing us to share different pages with our visitors, and also protect the volumes from over exposure to light, stress on their bindings, and other preservation concerns. The process of turning the Gutenberg’s pages involves staff of the conservation department, exhibition services, the curator, and of course campus security. Each time we select a new opening we look for some unique or exemplary feature that will reveal the history of our copy or some unique feature absent from the other known copies of the Bible. 

A totally nerdtastic look at how the Ransom Center staff turn the pages of their Gutenberg Bible that’s on display….along with some amazing images of said Gutenberg Bible.


chicken and rolls


Kate Young makes recipes for her virtual Little Library Cafe, reimagining meals from her favourite fiction and writing about the significance each book has in her life. Here she picks a selection of her recipes, with quotes from the books.

What a fun project.

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