Book Art Is Awesome: Around The Home

Books are home for so many of us, so it’s no surprise that art made from the things we love are a perfect fit around (and for) the home. Some are more functional (book lights anyone?) while others depict cozy fantasies of what home could be (I’m dying over that quaint French village scene). Let’s just say, I’m all about book art for the home.

If you haven’t already filled your home to the rafters with Book Fetish finds AND happen to have *ahem* some disposable income, book art for the home is the place to be.

BomDesignNLGlobe Book Lamp and Luce Book Lamp 

Book art by BomDesignNL Etsy storeBook art by BomDesignNL Etsy store

Frank HalmansDawn and The Green Room

Book art by Frank Halmans

Book art by Frank Halmans

Vanessa Mancini: Bath of Knowledge (yes, it works) 

Book art by Vanessa Mancini

Marie MontardVillage de livres and Rue des livres

Book art by Marie Montard

Book art by Marie Montard

Alvaro TamaritBench of Thought 

Book art by Alvaro Tamarit

Malena ValcarcelDiorama and Tiny Paper House (we kinda adore Valcarcel around here) 

Book art by Malena Valcarcel

Book art by Malena Valcarcel


What are your favorite pieces of home-inspired book art?

Note: When available, all images are from the artist websites linked to before each collection.