Kickstart This: The Other Side of Wall Street

This post originally appeared on Panels, which is now Book Riot Comics

The comics crowdfunding world is large and difficult to keep track of; each week, we highlight a few fundraising projects that are worth your time, attention, and maybe your dollars!

(1) The Other Side of Wall Street

We’ve been talking a lot about New York’s diverse past with our calls for more diversity in Agent Carter, so this is a project we’re happy to support. This graphic novel project visits New York in different periods of its history to tell the story of African American New York–stories that aren’t often told. I’m all about this.

Recommended pledge: The reward levels on this Kickstarter are a little odd (you aren’t offered a copy of the book until the $100 level, at which point you’re offered a LOT of stuff), but this is a project worth supporting, so take a look and see!


(2) Sharks in a Coffee Shop

“Sharks in a Coffee Shop is a b-movie inspired zine comic by Rhiannon Townsend and Courtney Askey.”

Really, what more do you need?

Recommended pledge: $8 gets you a copy of the zine!


(3) Home: Forgotten Places Remembered

The artwork on this (by Anja Uhren) is breathtaking. And if that wasn’t enough, this zine provides different interpretations of what home is. I love the idea of this project and its execution is just gorgeous.

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